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Your Job




Any job that does not directly challenge institutionalized racism.

A job that is service-oriented towards helping people from marginalized backgrounds.


Be extremely cautious of these jobs, because they can easily have very negative impacts on the communities they espouse to serve. Too many organizations slip into a dominant role, and only end up enabling/ harming disenfranchised communities instead of alleviating the oppressive conditions that prevent the community from empowering themselves.


Use your job position to help Black, Brown, and Indigenous People. Ex: purposefully seek out Black and Brown people to interview for jobs, and use Black caterers, or Indigenous speakers.

A job that involves organizing internally and externally to fight against institutionalized racism and white supremacy and/or that supports these efforts.


In other words, your work should focus on alleviating the oppressive conditions that prevent disenfranchised communities from empowering themselves.


The reality is ANY job you already have or choose to apply for, you can use your position to become a collaborator with Black, Brown and Indigenous Peoples; and thus a traitor to White supremacy.



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