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Your Protesting




Attend marches, vigils that are “comfortable” and perhaps even fun.  Includes most events led by White people.

Organize protests that interrupt “business as usual” and force other white people to confront / recognize the comfort we live with.  If these actions are not forcing other White people to experience some discomfort, they are comparable to those in the Actor category. The exception could be getting other White people who normally don’t attend such events to show up for anything.

Engage in or support civil disobedience organized by Black People and People of Color.


One of the most important things that can be done as an Ally and Accomplice is be cautious on how you take up space at direct actions and protests. Ask yourself these series of questions before and while attending such events:


  • Am I following what the leadership is asking of me?

  • Am I directing media to designated Black, Brown or Indigenous People?

  • Am I being cautious not to control or criticize the actions of Black, Brown, or Indigenous Peoples?

  • Am I checking other White People for not being good accomplices?



Check out The Ruckus Society to learn a lot more about Direct Action and Civil Disobedience.


White anti-racist organizers at the Catalyst Project will keep you educated and updated with lots of opportunities for action.

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