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Your White Communities




Reach out to other White people in your life (family members, old friends, distant social media connections) to engage them in conversations about racism, Whiteness, etc.  Bonus points for seeking out and engaging (White) Trump voters in your personal networks.

Organize and engage White friends, family members, neighbors to take group / collective action (actions that are in the Ally or Accomplice category) to amplify your impact.


Participate in organizations that engage White people in the struggle to advance racial justice (like SURJ - Showing Up for Racial Justice)

Coordinate (and pay for) organizations that conduct anti-racism trainings to facilitate their workshops within your school, church/synagogue, neighborhood, workplace.


Purposefully disrupt White spaces, meaning, create discomfort in places where other White people and Whiteness would otherwise exist in comfort. White community is a support pillar of White supremacy.

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