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Your Money




Donate to political candidates or organizations that don’t have an explicit racial justice mission or that are not led by directly impacted individuals

Donate money explicitly to organizations with an explicit racial justice mission, led by directly impacted individuals.  Also donate to bail funds for Black, Brown and Indigenous activists.


Use your economic capital to support businesses owned by people of Color.


Boycott companies owned by or working with Trump and other White supremacists. Divest from corporations that are profiting from the exploitation of Black, Brown and/or Indigenous people.  Be public (ex. on social media) about your actions to encourage other White people to join you to amplify your impact, and let the companies know what you've done and why.


Educate yourself on issues such as reparations, returning stolen land, and Black, Brown and Indigenous Labor and their relationship to capitalism. Use this as a lens to help guide your actions involving money.

Raise funds and bundle money for organizations with an explicit racial justice mission, led by directly impacted individuals. You might also have an employer that will match your contributions. 


Remember: raise money publicly, but donate more silently, as this is not for boosting your ego.


Find ways of using your privilege and access to capital and funnel that to Black, Brown, and Indigenous grassroots organizations and peoples.


Resource Generation - Organizes young people with wealth and class privilege in the U.S. to become transformative leaders working towards the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power.

Boycott Trump - An iPhone App that will help you boycott companies that do business with Trump.

Bank Transfer Day - A great Facebook page to help you divest from your corporate bank and invest with a Credit Union.  Also provides useful information about the violent and racist actors/actions that these large banks are supporting.


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